Feeling Calmer on Keto? Science May Explain Why

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Feeling Calmer on Keto? Science May Explain Why

Feeling Calmer on Keto? Science May Explain Why

At the Motivo Academy, our goal is to help you to feel great, mentally and emotionally.  Feeling great isn’t just about physical health – it encompasses mental well-being too.

When I started my keto diet over 12 months ago, one of the 1st things I noticed was a feeling of calm.  It was as if someone had turned the volume down on all of the background anxiety and thinking.  Many people following a ketogenic diet notice the same.  So what’s happening?

Research suggests the keto diet might influence calmness through several mechanisms:

    • Blood Sugar Balance: The keto diet emphasizes healthy fats and minimizes carbs. This stabilizes blood sugar levels, which can be a roller coaster on a typical high-carb diet. Swings in blood sugar are linked to mood swings, so maintaining steady levels might contribute to a calmer you [1].

    • Neurotransmitter Boost: The keto diet may influence the production of neurotransmitters, the brain’s chemical messengers. One key player is GABA, associated with feelings of relaxation and calmness. Studies suggest the keto diet might increase GABA levels, potentially explaining the improved mood many experience [2].

    • Gut Feeling: The gut microbiome, the community of bacteria in your digestive system, is increasingly linked to mental health. The keto diet can alter gut bacteria composition, and some theories propose this shift might contribute to positive mental effects like calmness [3].

It’s always reassuring to know that feeling cam on a ketogenic diet has some basis in science and a method of action. I hope it inspires you to continue with a little motivation.

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