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Our History

The Academy is the culmination of a 25 year journey which started in London, in the UK and has taken me to South East Asia and finally to Tokyo where I currently reside.

To get here, I had to take my own journey....

I've been passionate, if not obsessed, with making workplaces simply better places to work for all involved: the managers, the employees, the owners, the customers and families of all of the aforementioned.

I have found that the very best way to achieve this is by developing leaders from managers, the kind of trusted and inspirational leaders that you remember for life. This is my mission and the purpose of the Academy.

I have also found that a workplace that's highly aligned with the customer all the way through to the boots on the ground is simply better, more productive, happier and profitable.

I am profoundly grateful and proud to be part of the amazing journey that the students and attendees of my online courses and training workshops are on. Helping good people to do great things is what we are all about.

When I moved to Asia to start my own consulting company in 2004, it was the 1st time since graduating from University that I had taken the time to update my skill set. I retrained myself as a management consultant, which took over 1 year of long hours of reading every book I could get my hands on. I inhaled knowledge and developed my own methodology that would be applicable and relevant to my customers. 

The method I developed was designed to solve business problems using a mix of data driven management (then in its infancy) and employee engagement (at that point, unheard of). It took a while and many long hours of perfecting the method to see some quite stunning results for my clients. 

I was inspired by the Balance Scorecard but could see that it was limited in its applicability. I used 6 Sigma but found it limited for non manufacturing businesses. I then came across a book by management consultant Dave Swanson on his unique approach to diagnosing business problems and I married the approaches together, coupled with my knowledge of employee engagement, to form a new method.

Business problems were solved from the ground up and not the top down or even outside in. The results surprised even me, My 1st client, a failing hospitality business was a case in point. With exactly zero percent occupancy in the preceding 6 months the property was a disaster. Using the method I had devised, the occupancy stood at 90% just one year later with ALL of the revenue coming through direct sources with no commission to online travel agents such as Booking.com. It was a success.

Many more successes were to follow but my knowledge and study into management consulting showed me that the most important part of change management was the leadership development that MUST precede any project. The reason is startlingly obvious: You cannot lead people through change unless they trust the leader that they are following.  

This challenge allowed me to bring into the game my earlier career in human resources and the daily leadership development and coaching which I did with managers in London.

The transformative effect of leadership cannot be understated. You, as a leader, have the capability to destroy the live of any employee, this is seen time and again. Those stresses are far reaching for both the manager and employee as the families of those parties are on the receiving end of the stresses each evening and weekend, deliberately or not.

The opposite, however is also true. Great leaders can be transformative and inspirational in the lives of those that they lead, unleashing potential and happiness for themselves, their teams and the families of all.

With this realization I dedicated my career to helping corporations to unlock the leadership potential in each and every manager in their employ, equipping them with the skills that they need to be both transformative and inspirational.

I now help good people to do great things day in and day out from students to millionaires, from supervisors to CEOs.

To continue the quest to train a million managers, my training courses are available online here at the Academy, with 1-1 coaching from me.  

The images on this page show a few of the workshops that I, and my team have done around the world, some of the managers we inspired and what they’ve said about us.

We hope that you will join them.