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Many people reach out for coaching for different reasons -sometimes looking to move forward with a specific situation, or in a period of frustration and plateau.

So how can a coach help?

Simply put, a coach is a person who helps you to achieve great things in your life. This is easy to say but in practice, takes great skill.

What a coach can do for you:

Our Coaching is Truly Unique.

Personal Canvas. 1st we use the unique Personal Canvas to help you to map out your own landscape of values, beliefs and schema. 

I developed the Personal Canvas to save weeks of coaching time for you.  Coaches can often take weeks to uncover what makes you tick.  The Personal Canvas exercise, which you complete by yourself with video support, will save you weeks of time and help you to the starting point – defining your authentic self.

In our coaching sessions, we will continue to add more colour and definition to the Personal Canvas, which will be a trusted companion for your to keep you aligned in your decisions and actions each day.

Person-Centered Approach. Every person is totally unique, so my approach is personalized to fit you.  Although we will use goals and values to maintain an alignment, my approach to coaching is not dogmatic, it’s adapted to your own character and situation.

To elaborate, coaching takes you deep into yourself, your beliefs and values, and from that place, we imagine the life-defining possibilities that you could achieve.

Most people, focus on a narrow field of vision on themselves, and have either a negative slant or an overly positive view of themselves. Most people also usually think MUCH smaller than they are capable of.

My job is to help you to feel safe and comfortable exploring those places, and to make sure that your vision is massive, inspiring and possible., 

Once we have set the path together, we will iron out the issues, often rooted in the past, that are holding you back from getting there.  Once you drop those weights, you will float freely to the next level in your life.  

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4 X 1-Hour Coaching Sessions

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