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Invest in your Career.


Course Level: new manager, mid-level manager or sales manager.

new manager training program

> So you got the promotion but never got leadership training.

You started strong but the team isn't responding as you expected. There's hints that operations may start to deteriorate.

> You're doing everything yourself because you can't trust your team to do the job as well as you. 

There are hints of conflict and senior management may have started to notice.   

This is one of many common scenarios.

> You wonder if you're leading the right way. You feel frustrated, a little resentful and your confidence may be deteriorating.

What you can do to get your team on side and to perform as you want. How can you get your authority back and the respect of senior management.

new manager training program

> Learn to lead the right way, the strategies and tactics that are most effective in leadership.

Master the 5 key frameworks for leadership to get your leadership authority, the strategy and day-to-day "exactly what to say" elements right.

> Develop your own authentic leadership style.

You need your own style of leadership which fits your circumstances, team and organization.   

> Apply it with 1-1 coaching support from the instructor over 4 weeks.

It can be overwhelming at 1st so where to start. Lessons are step by step and with the addition of coaching I can help you to prioritize and solve your highest priority leadership problems 1st.

Each step requires highly specific skills that you will master on this course, but they are 100% effective.

Skills include:

  • The 4 Pillars of Brilliant Leadership. The comprehensive leadership approach.
  • Transformational Leadership. For organizational alignment and engagement.
  • Situational Leadership (made easy) for the day-to-day.
  • The Sources of Power. For leadership authority.
  • Authentic Leadership. To define your own unique leadership character/personality.
new manager training program

Complete Leadership for New & Mid-Level Managers


Certified Online Course with 1-1 Coaching.


3-hours of on-demand lessons with certification


4 x 30/ 2 x 60 minute coaching sessions with the instructor.


new manager training program

Why it Works

> Confidence and trust in your leadership comes from consistently dong the right things.

I have trained 1000's of leaders in over 10 countries. The strategies and tactics you will learn on this course are very carefully curated from the answers to the question: tell me the best and worst leaders you ever worked for. A question that all of my workshops begin with.

From this insight, I have bought to you the exact skillset you need to be in the category of the "Best manager I ever worked with."

> The approach is designed (and proven) to deliver high growth at low risk day-in-day out even when you're not looking.

The formula was developed for TV stations who needed to get junior employees (and legacy ones) to become more independent and to be able to make a massive contribution to the organization. We achieved this using a new type of situational leadership.

> The course perfectly blends the bigger strategic aspects with the day-to-day, what-to-say elements of leadership.

This course is a "complete" course which means that by the end of it, you will have the answer to the question once and for all, "Am I doing it right."

> "Authentic Leadership" builds trust, and without trust you cannot lead.

You cannot pretend to lead like someone from Harvard Business Review or a CEO you admire. Their personality, job, situation, organization and team are all completely different.

Our approach builds the deepest levels of enduring trust between you and your team. You will be respected and trusted, that is a guarantee.

> Coaching will help you to prioritize the order in which you apply what you've learned for the quickest result possible.

Hi, I'm Russell your Course Instructor


  • 25 year career in organizational development focused on leadership development and team performance.
  • Published author on the science of human energy and motivation,
  • Certified human resources professional (CIPD), and executive coach (ICF).


"I get great joy from seeing my students go on to do great things in their lives and careers (and that happens a lot!)

I believe that learning should be fresh, fun and exciting. I also believe that managers need a deep empathy and understanding of the day to day challenges reflected in the content of leadership or management training programs.

I am passionate about inspiring managers and their teams to achieve far beyond their perceived limits, living happy and fulfilling lives both at work and home."

new manager training program

More about the Course

On-Demand and Certified.

The courses include a certified option at no extra cost, The certified option includes highly engaging assessments. Upon successful completion of the course you'll receive a certificate confirming your graduation which you can add to your CV and Linked-In profile, confirming your credential to your current or future employer. Each submitted assignment comes with personal coaching from me.

This courses were designed as practical guides, but also as a deeply fascinating story of success to make happier and more productive leaders and teams around the world.


Includes 1-1 Coaching with the instructor.

If you choose the course with coaching package, you will receive 4 X 30 minute coaching sessions be by video call. In our experience, the managers that truly break through in their careers are the ones that do coaching with us. As professional ICF certified executive coaches we have helped a lot of people to the next level in their careers and lives.


Case Studies and Role Play Examples

The techniques you will learn are backed up with case studies and role-play demonstrations as well as downloadable resources along the way.


Proven Templates for Leaders Seeking Highly Productive and Motivated Teams

In the courses, you will master the leadership frameworks I have used with global brands including H&M, Coach, Standard Chartered Bank, Elle Magazine, TV Stations over the past 20 years.


Neuroscience, Psychology and Corporate Insights.

I share priceless insights from my book "New Energized You" co-authored with Dr. Maite Balda, on the neuroscience and psychology of human energy and productivity. The book cites over 200 research papers and has interviews with world champion athletes. Many of the insights are included in the courses.

new manager training program

Step 1 - Enroll. Click blue button below and make payment using any major credit/debit card.

Step 2 - Schedule. Book your 1-1 coaching sessions if you chose the course + coaching package.

Step 3 - Learn. Watch the video courses and complete the assignments for review if you wish.

Step 4 - Apply what you've learned. We are on hand every step of the way to answer your questions.

Step 5 - Watch your career accelerate.

Over 2000 students so far. Here's what they're saying..

new manager training program

Become a Better Leader and a Better Person!

This course is very helpful and it gives you lots of great information on not just being a better leader but also a better person.

Soeren Jeppesen, IT Manager (Sweden)

new manager training program

Game Changer!

The course has been great!I learned many useful skills which I applied in my work settings. This course is a game changer for any manager skill level.

Gregory Hurley, Sales Manager (USA)

new manager training program

I'm Definitely a Better Leader!

I feel this may be a valuable course for experienced managers - it is always good to be validated in what you're doing right, but be open to learning some new things - but I feel this is especially good for new managers or people like me aspiring to be a great leader. I've learned some great techniques, I'm definitely be a better leader!

Scott Mordecai, Operations Manager (USA)

Invest in your Career.


Take action, there's no time to waste.

Your career and team will not wait.

Course Curriculum

Some lessons are free!

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  The 3 Pillars of Brilliant Leadership
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  Influence & Persuasion
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  Authentic Leadership
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  Transformational Leadership
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  Leadership Styles
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